Plate History &
Vehicle History Abstracts

If you have the vehicle identification number (VIN) or the licence plate number of a vehicle that you think is owned by the defendant, you can use either number to do a plate or VIN search, either of which will provide the name of the owner, his or her driver's licence, the date the vehicle was registered, and whether it has changed owners recently. 

Personal Property Security Act Search

In order to determine if the debtor has pledged any of his or her property to other creditors, a search should be conducted under the Personal Property Security Registration System (PPSR), which is set up under Ontario's Personal Property Security Act, R.S.. 1990, P.10 (PPSA)

Registration is notice to strangers of that creditor's interest in the asset and that this interest must be satisfied before the interests of other creditors, including some of those who later take an interest in the same security. In other words, whoever registers first generally has priority over those who come afterwards. 

At this stage, a PPSA search will reveal what assets the debtor owns that are pledged as collateral to other creditors. The nature and range of assets will tell you something about the debtor's business or, if the debtor is a consumer, his spending habits. It will also identify assets that may be available for you to seize once you obtain a judgment, as the secured creditor has priority over unsecured judgment creditors. 


The registration system permits a secured creditor to register a notice of security interest in an asset otherwise owned and in the possession of the debtor.